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Poncho and Loop ´Dare to be colorful´

Yarn Package:
Lang Yarns - Viva
100% Virgin wool (merino fine)
German size 38-46

Color No. 0006
Poncho 550 g
Loop 200 g

Swatch (10 x 10 cm): M x R
Prices sorted by Yarn package::
Poncho , EUR 63.50
Loop , EUR 23.80
Special Price
starting at
EUR 63.50
(incl. 19% VAT)
+ shipping & handling



Special offer:


Of this wonderful yarn you can knit the elegant and cuddly poncho "Dare to be colorful". The color gradient is ideal for this way of knitting and will always make a perfect picture.


It will be great fun to just quickly knit a garment for the transitional season with this lovely yarn.


In case you would like to have a different color combination just have a look at the various options under Lang Yarns - Viva.

Then just confirm your desired color number with your order, and you'll soon be able to start your project.


The package includes the required 550g Viva for the poncho and the detailed knitting pattern.

Should you wish to also knit the matching loop just order the yarn for the loop as well.




Should you be interested in any more nice knit designs, why not just order the book "Die verkürzte Reihe - das Original"



Have a look at our Knitting Weeks page.

We have great offerings for knitting holidays.



You may display pictures of your masterpieces.

Just click on "Image Gallery" and upload your picture.

I'm looking forward to seeing them on my site!